Welcome!- What is the course about and what can you expect?

Welcome welcome to StorySteps! We are so delighted to have you join us as you start on your journey of getting your story PR ready.

Wahoo, yipeee, yeeeehah - you’re here! This means one thing - you are committed to making your story count and this makes me REALLY happy because when you nail this stuff real magic starts to happen in your business.

Whether you feel confused because you don’t think you have a story, frustrated because you don’t know how to communicate it, or overwhelmed because you feel it’s all too big and too much to share, then you’re in the right place because we’re here to break this process down for you and take you through it step by step.

I want you to lean into being playful with this, to have some fun with it, because when you have his energy things flow much easier!

We created this mini course to fill a gaping hole for entrepreneurs who have not yet capitalised on sharing their story to amplify their business. We saw so many incredible business owners running passion and purpose fuelled businesses not really telling anyone about what was driving them, not really explaining WHY they do what they do - WHY they are jumping out of bed every morning to follow their mission - and this made me sad, and more than a little frustrated!

Business owners with soul are my favourite kind - but they are often too modest, too focused on others to be able to communicate with power why THEY are amazing, so that is why this programme exists - to help you really connect with what makes your business unique, so you can communicate this better, and therefore help more people with your incredible work.

There is a lot to get through so buckle yourself in and let's dig deep to see what powerful elements of your story we can bring to life, to enable you to engage with your audience more deeply and to showcase your work more powerfully.

Before we dive in any further....let's set the scene with a short video exploring some of the elements we'll work through with you.

I'm excited for this! x

Here's more detail about how it will all work...

So what’s the process? What will we cover? Here’s the programme outline as a reminder:-

Module 1 - The 1st ‘P’ of our 3 part process to nailing your PR story - Personality. You’ll unravel what parts of YOU you need to bring to the party and get super clear on your key values to communicate

Module 2 - The 2nd ‘P: Passion You’ll connect with and learn how to concisely communicate your mission that’s driving you

Module 3 - The 3rd ‘P: Purpose: You’ll get super clear on the job you’re here to do in the world and will nail an intro that helps you excite others about this

Module 4 Turn your story into a PR Pitch (you’ll be ready by then!) We bring it all together in a media intro which is a synopsis of your story and what you have to offer

*PLUS Power Bonuses*:-

*What is PR?

* How to Write a Media Bio Training (video training, example bios and downloadable workbook)

* Top Tips to The Press Saying Yes Masterclass

* How to Plan Your Personal Brand Shoot 

What support will you get?

The Training Content 

The modules and bonus trainings can all be accessed via pre-recorded content - you can move through these at a pace to suit you but they must be done in order so you must complete one before moving on to the next. Within each module we will set you tasks, so we are holding you accountable to taking action on what you learn, and so you know you’re ready to move onto the next step.

This content will be a mixture of video trainings, audio and downloads.

Chocolate PR Team Support 

We’re here for you in our Facebook group to champion and cheerlead you! - so be sure to just ask if you need help or accountability by sharing your tasks in https://www.facebook.com/groups/PRYouCanDoIt :)

What we can’t do within this container:

  • We can’t feedback personally in detail on everyone’s specific content word for word (we provide editing support within our Dare to Be Seen Programme but we can’t do it in this level of programme - Within StorySteps we will offer guidance and direction and make sure you are on the right track with the approach you are taking and language you are using)
  • We are unable to support you outside the confines of the group - this is a group programme only - 121 support is available but will be an additional cost so please don’t send personal messages or emails, as we cannot respond to them

What commitment do you need to make?

As there is a no refund policy you must commit to getting your money’s worth! This programme is jam packed FULL of content that will help you build your story up - follow each step, 1 at a time, do the tasks at the end of each module and you will build your story up with clarity.

There are 4 modules of training content available (not including the bonus’s)

You may need to carve out some time to digest the trainings and to reflect on the tasks, so perhaps block at least an hour a week into your diary to do this.

What outcome are we working towards?

We are on a mission to get your story straight and by the end of this you will have all the tools to be able to craft your story in a way that will be appealing to a journalist, as you introduce yourself, your business and your mission - and this will also double up as powerful content for you to use across your marketing and social media.

Our end goal is to get you to a point whereby you could introduce yourself to a journalist by email with a message that tells them concisely and confidently who you are, what you do and why - sharing your mission, passion, purpose and expertise in way that puts you in the running for PR opportunities. We also know that when you’ve achieved this, this content is super powerful to then cross over onto your other marketing platforms, such as your website and social media content, to ensure you are consistently banging the same powerful drum. Your message will be united and congruent and this will help you feel excited about what you offer, and make you a magnet to your ideal clients. ⚡️💥

We are SO excited to take you through this process and know you’ll feel super proud of yourself when you’re done!

Let’s do this! 

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